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Available Classes for Communication
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This course provides a basic understanding of Audio Visual and Lighting systems as they are used at McCormick Place. The course uses lecture, and physical demonstrations of the Lighting Board equipment, the Sound Board equipment and the Visual equipment to familiarize students with McCormick Place installations. The course is held at McCormick Place, Hall D located in the Lakeside Center/East Building. Parking will be in lot C.
12/20/1412/20/14Saturdays 7:00a-11:00aALSIP4 
This course is designed to provide the technical information and ‘hands on’ experience needed to install and maintain fiber optic cabling systems. Students will learn the latest in fiber optic cable pulling and cable preparation, work with a variety of fiber from Outside Plant Loose Tube Cable to Distribution & Breakout Tight-Buffered Cable, see how to properly terminate connectors of all types and termination methods, perform hands on fiber splicing both fusion and mechanical. Also, students will learn how to perform comparative qualitative testing with the latest in handheld optical test equipment including Optical Loss Test Sets. Students will have the option to take the Fiber Optic Association CFOT (Certified Fiber Optic Technician) Certification Exam at the end of the course. There is a $30 dollar charge for the FOA exam.
12/01/1412/04/14Mondays 7:00a-3:30p & Tuesdays 7:00a-3:30p & Wednesdays 7:00a-3:30p & Thursdays 7:00a-3:30pALSIP34 
CCTV This course is designed to introduce the video practices and technology used with CCTV surveillance systems. Lecture and hands-on will cover components of a modern closed-circuit system; camera types, monitors, DVRs, switchers, wiring and power sources.
12/08/1412/10/14Mondays 11:30a-3:30p & Tuesdays 11:30a-3:30p & Wednesdays 11:30a-3:30pALSIP12 
This course is designed to teach the electrician an understanding and the electrical requirements for a safe and proper installation in accordance with both the National Electrical Code and Chicago Electrical Code.
12/15/1412/19/14Mondays 7:00a-11:00a & Tuesdays 7:00a-11:00a & Wednesdays 7:00a-11:00a & Thursdays 7:00a-11:00a & Fridays 7:00a-11:00aALSIP20 
This class covers the installation and troubleshooting methods used for fire alarm and fire suppression systems. Hands-on experience with hard-wired and addressable fire alarm systems is given. Wiring and operation of the detection devices, such as smoke and heat detectors, water-flow and tamper switches, and pull stations are explained along with the indicating devices of these systems.
12/08/1412/12/14Mondays 7:00a-11:00a & Tuesdays 7:00a-11:00a & Wednesdays 7:00a-11:00a & Thursdays 7:00a-11:00a & Fridays 7:00a-11:00aALSIP20 
Project Control System This is a course in professional development to enhance your understanding of a foreman's responsibilities. The class will incorporate ways to improve the foreman's organizational skills and overall effectiveness relating to electrical construction. The objective of this class is to educate electrical journeymen on how to efficiently manage construction projects. It gives the foreman a proven tool for controlling projects in a methodical and manageable way.
12/08/1412/10/14Mondays 7:00a-11:00a & Tuesdays 7:00a-11:00a & Wednesdays 7:00a-11:00aALSIP12Filled
This course trains the electrician to recognize and abate dangerous situations and safety violations in the construction industry. A 30 Hour OSHA Certification Card will be issued upon completion of this course.
12/01/1412/06/14Mondays 7:00a-12:00p & Tuesdays 7:00a-12:00p & Wednesdays 7:00a-12:00p & Thursdays 7:00a-12:00p & Fridays 7:00a-12:00p & Saturdays 7:00a-12:30pALSIP31 
This course is designed to give the installer a fundamental understanding of contemporary security systems. Discussion of basic systems will cover the devices commonly used today; RJ31X, glass break sensors, motion detectors and door contacts. Hands on practical labs will provide the opportunity to properly install and troubleshoot an entire system.
12/15/1412/18/14Mondays 7:00a-11:00a & Tuesdays 7:00a-11:00a & Wednesdays 7:00a-11:00a & Thursdays 7:00a-11:00aALSIP16 

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